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Learn about tiles

Learn about tiles

Our tiling tips for DIYs.

Buying & Laying tips

Buying Tips

  1. The number of tiles you require will depend on the size of the area being tiled. replica watches
  2. Don’t forget to buy extra tiles if you are using a complex pattern, cutting and also spares for future repairs/replacements. We recommend up to 15%.
  3. When tiling in a ‘wet area’ choose slip–resistant tiles
  4. For tiles in high traffic areas choose tiles with a high abrasion index.
  5. Use border, mosaic or feature tiles for a great finish. This will make your wall and floor tiles come to life.

Laying Tips


  1. Check tiles for surface faults and shading before laying.
  2. Do not tile if the concrete slab has not set properly.
  3. Floor tiles are thicker and therefore harder to cut than wall tiles.
  4. Apply adhesive to about one square meter at a time.
  5. Fix whole tiles first and then cut and fix the edges.
  6. Use a level or straight edge to ensure tiles are level and flat
  7. Use safety glasses when cutting or removing tiles.

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Tiling tips

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