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Transparency is a key element throughout our business practises

Marketing & Advertising


Our marketing and advertising style is very unique and so effective that it has been/and is well known and recognised. If it can’t be measured then its not worth doing.

We invest heavily in radio and press to get our message and brand across to the market place. We also top up with visual TV, magazines and other initiatives ie. mail outs, brochures  etc.

Our merchandising systems/structures and support from suppliers is outstandingly effective.

Its what makes us different from the rest. We enter the customers mind on a visual level of colour and design not just by showing a row of tiles that can sometimes looking boring. We aim to place our tiles strategically in colour size and texture, so as to make the selection process easier. We have a hands-on approach when it comes to merchandising and employ a full-time carpenter as part of our team to make it all come together at your store tailor fit to our area/space, whilst strategically merchandising just the right amount of product and marketing/branding displays.

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