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Frequently asked questions

Q - My tiles are not all the same size.

Each batch of tiles may vary in size. Tiles are fired and shrink to their required size. Normally small size variation will occur. In floor tiles they can vary by 0.75% and still be within the standard. A 400mmx400mm floor tile can vary from 397mm to 403mm. If the variation in size is too great, they should not be laid. Your tiler should let you know. Do not lay the tiles if the variation is too great. At Tile Mart we guarantee our tiles. In the rare event that your tiles are faulty or defective Tile Mart will repair or replace tiles supplied within 10 years on installation. Best Replica Watches

Q - The tiles I ordered look different from the ones I saw in the shop.

Tiles will naturally vary between batches. Tile shades can vary from batch to batch, this is called tonality; or vary in colour through sizing issues, called calibration. The tile is still fit for purpose. When tiles are delivered, (before laying), check the tiles in all cartons to ensure they are the same batch. The batch number will appear on the carton. Also check that they are the colour you selected. Our staff will ensure that the tiles you purchase are from the same batch. Given that we hold large stocks of our ranges, if you need more tiles later on the chances are we will be able to supply you from the same batch.

Q - My floor tiles are wearing and have traffic tracks.

Remember, tiles are not indestructible. They will begin to wear when the glaze thins. They scratch when a harder surface scratches the glaze. Different tiles wear differently. You need to select the right tiles for specific foot traffic areas. Drop in and See your local Tile Mart before purchasing any floor tiles to ensure you’re getting the right floor tiles that will last.

Q - My tiles are starting to buckle and pop up. How do I put them back?

Firstly, you need to check if the correct flexible adhesive has been used when laying the tiles. Have you allowed for expansion joints? (Every 6M2-8M2). Has the slab cured? The slab as it cures will shrink causing tiles to lift. The only remedy is to remove and relay the tiles. See your nearest Tile Mart store for professional advice and great deals on tiling adhesives and tiles.

Q - Some of my tiles look dirty and are difficult to clean. How do I clean them?

If they are new tiles, has the tiler removed all the grout when laying? Has all the detergent been removed when mopping? Have you selected the right tile? Textured surfaces may look good but are hard to clean. Tiles need to be cleaned with a Tile and Grout cleaner. A full range of tile and grout cleaners are stocked at our stores.

Q - Can you use tiles outside?

Yes and no. Tiles for outdoor areas have been specifically designed for that purpose. Their design features cover issues such as slip resistance, water absorption and changes in temperature. We have ranges of tiles for both internal and external use.


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