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Frequently asked questions

Q - Can you help me if I need a tiler?

Our stores have many tilers as their customers. They will be able to give you the contact details for a tiler. www.keyclone.org

Q - Is there s difference between a wall and a floor tile?

There is and tiles are specifically designed for wall and floor applications. Our staff are trained to ensure you get the right tiles for your project.

Q - What is the difference between a ceramic and a porcelain tile?

It's all about water absorption. All tiles absorb water. The level of water absorption impacts where the tiles can be laid. Our staff will ensure you select the right porcelain or ceramic tile.

Q - How many tiles do I need?

Tiles are measured mainly in square meters. Tiles come in cartons but not all cartons contain one square meter of tiles. Cartons are labeled. The label includes how many square meters are in the carton. To determine how many square meters you require measure the width and length of your room in meters and multiply the two together. This will give you the square meters you need to cover. Always allow between extra tiles for cut-offs and spares. Refer to our “how many tiles” section on our home page for more information.


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